ec 400 gearbox issue

Paul Somerville

New member
whilst out yesterday doing 55mph the gearbox decided to engage 1st gear as well as 6th result 220 yard skid up the road then haveing to lift the thing to the kerb situation is that first is now permantly engaged selection of any other gear causes the gearbox to lock solid including where first was if i select neutral its in first gear and drives fine thankfully no engine damage
any one got any ideas ?
close thing thankfully no one was behind me could have been worse as the previous trail was a forest gravel road lined with large trees and we were going a lot quicker

well stripped the box and found first gear friction welded to the main output shaft spoke to dealer who said 450 is modified with roller bearing looks like i have had some kind of oil way blockage in the lub hole for first gear the rest of the gears are fine