End cap with spark arrestor


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Does anyone know if the Promotobillet end cap fits the 06 FSE 450 with a Kreiger exhaust? No problems so far but sooner or later I am going to need the USFS spark arrestor approval.
The Promoto fits Arrow. I'm currently working on getting endcaps if its viable $$$ wise. Should fit 06-08
Thanks for the info....does that mean the only way to fix this at the moment is to fit a fmf q? It looks like a cut and weld job to add the mid pipe.
I believe the header pipe is a different diameter from erlier ones. With some research i'm sure there is something as i put an FMF power core 4 on a 05 FSE. Just havent had the time to try something on my 07. I'll know about the endcaps in a few days as they are quoting it at different buy volumes. Nick