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Hi All
Just wanted to let you know that Funnel Web filters in Australia makes a very high quality filter specifically for Gas Gas. When I first bought my 2013 XC 300 it had the wrong air filter element in it, so I called my nearest Gas Gas dealer and ordered 2 new ones, when they arrived they were also the wrong filters, listed fitting was for a 99-2002 KTM and a Yamaha of some sort I think. They were roughly the right shape, but I had to punch new holes make my cage fit, not what I was expecting when I order filters from a Gas Gas dealer. So after much searching I found Funnel Web filters, they sent me 2 of their filters and they fit perfectly, no modifications required. I ran them all last season and I must say that their claim of less maintenance due to added surface area seem to be true. When I pulled them off to clean them they were coated with crap on the outside, but nice and clean on the inside, just what you want. So if any of you are having trouble sourcing a filter that is actually meant for your Gas Gas give these guys a try, they make a very high quality product that fits like it should and does it's job. They were also very easy to deal with and sent me my parts promptly.
I also use them. They were cheaper than the twin air and work just as good. If not better. Ebay has them for 75 for a 3 pack. Twin air are about 30$ a piece
Funnel Web

If anyone is looking for a Funnel Web Filter for 2017 and back, I have one that was sent to us in error and, was caught before an attempt to install it. I would ship in in US for $22 shipped if anyone needs one.