West Aussie Gas no not west Oz. About as far away as you can get in Oz I'm in Cairns and I'm waiting for a new ec 300 to arrive. Have found this site very useful on gaining Gas Gas information. I am going to the US and Canada this December and plan on visiting a couple of the dealers who advertise on the site. Good to see some other Aussies have found this site.
West Oz

Karratha.. West Oz... 2004 GasGas 450 FSE .......Just passed thru Perth and spent 2 weeks around the southwest ...towed my Truimh sprint and my GasGas down.... spent 4 days on a group dirt ride with the Ulysses Club thru all the forest trails and tracks around the southwest.... cracked the 4 way oil gallery pipe system and broke a throttle cable.....great ride ..The GasGas is still hard to start from cold.....might seeya next time I pass thru...Sooty..
I'm in NSW 1hr south of Sydney, have just purchased 2006 EC 300 run out:). Very happy with the bike and after sales services. Planning to do a lot more riding next year.
In south of NSW ride a FSE450 great bike but looking at getting a new 2007 FSR. Had no real problems with it and found the dealer and distributor in OZ to be great to deal with. We seem to be getting stronger in numbers starting to see a lot more on the trails.
I live down in Southern Victoria and have just bought my mates '03 EC200. he went out and bought an 07 ec 300 and my uncle rides an 06 FSe 450. gas gas is starting to take off down here which is good.
I'm in Perth, and have a 2006 FSE450 that I bought brand new last year from Tyres For Bikes. I've still got my 2003 EC300 as well.
Gasser In NSW

No where near WA, im 2 hrs south of sydney. Bought a 06450fse from a mate at work, Love it all my mates that have had a spin love it aswell, which is good as they are alot better riders than me and actually know what they are talking about