GasGas and the MO ISDE Qualifier!!


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Congratulations to Lars Valin (EC300) for qualifying to ride in this year's ISDE to be held in Portugal and to Daniel Janus (EC250) and Brian Hasslen (EC300) who literally sit "on the bubble" one spot away from making the prestigious team.

Valin is a sure bet to go as he finished 2nd in the E3 class where the top three finishers in each class qualify.

Janus finished 6th in the E2 class where two of the top finishers (Russell Bobbitt and Cole Kirkpatrick) are eligible and would most likely ride on the US Junior Team effectively moving Janus up.

Hasslen finished 4th in the E3 class.

For both Janus and Hasslen only one rider above them will have to decline to go for them to get the nod.

Johnny Maier (EC250) finished 8th in the E2 class.

The E2 class had 18 entries including former GasGas rider Nick Fahringer who finished 3rd behind Bobbitt (Bobbitt is also a former GasGas rider) and Kirkpatrick. All three of these riders are the future of off-road enduro racing in the US.

The event was very tough due to rain on both days with over 40% of the Letter-Of-Intent (L-O-I) riders (those riders indicating in writing that they want to ride in this year's Six Days) DNFing the event.

All of the GasGas bikes held up great with NO problems other than wore out brake pads. The same could not be said for other brands as their weak points surfaced mostly bad airbox designs that allowed water, mud and sand to get past air filters.

Photos are up!! Click here.

Congratulations and kudos to all the riders who qualified for Portugal last weekend and to the Missouri Mudders for putting on a first class event. Great jobl!!

Although the rain could not have been predicted it set the tone for a grueling 2-Day event. Probably one of the toughest qualifiers since the Tillamook (OR) 2-Day qualifier held back in '94(?).

The whole layout would have been challenging even in dry conditions.

Once again congratulations to all!!

Steve Berkner
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Yep. Good thing Nikon makes a fairly waterproof camera.

I was there pulling triple duty.

1) Helping oversee the four GasGas riders listed above.

2) Covering the event for Cycle News

3) and lastly attending the event as one of the representatives of the AMA's ISDE advisory board.

The last one get's you yelled at by a lot of immature people who think their husband, son, boyfriend or daughter deserves a wild card shot at making the US ISDE Team.

Steve Berkner