Loretta Lynn's ranch Fall ride.


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Anyone planning on attending this? It is put on by the Southern Woods Riders and is an awesome time. It's this Friday-Sunday (Oct 19-21)

If you've not been to one, It's 3 full days of riding as much as you want on the ranch's trails. They have a nice long loop set up that changes daily with 3-5 different sections that are single bike only trails.
I'm supposed to go but may back out unless it rains. Hundreds of bikes and 4wheelers turns that place into a choking dust bowl if it's too dry. The place drains well and wet traction is good except for the access road sections on top of some of the ridges. Look for my bike (2011ec250) I'll park it in front of our rv in the lot just behind where they have the riders meetings. We are usually just above the restroom.
Yeah, I know how dusty can get down there. They were calling for rain Wed but it looks like that has changed. I pre registered this year to save some $$'s (4 entries) so I'm going regardless.

I'll keep an eye out for ya. We usually park up on the hill so if you are riding by on the way to the trailhead you may see my 11 300EC as well.