MA. Gas Gas owners, I have a question


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Anyone from Massachusetts with a street legal Gas Gas I would like to hear from you.

I got my 06 EC250 with a clean NH title for the street. When I went to the MA RMV to register my bike and get a new title I ran into some problems.

The VIN is a non standard vin number so I had to fill out a form and have the bike checked by a police officer.
When I returned to the registry with all my paperwork they can't enter the make (gas gas) in the system.
They say that Gas Gas, GasGas, Gasser and what my NH title says GGMA has never been used as a make name in the state Mass. They have to add it to the system as a new manufacture, and that don't happen overnight.

So if you have a Mass. registered Gas Gas what name did you use?

Hit me up with the info as I'm about to do this as well. Insurance paperwork all done and in hand (lots of questions though from them about the bike). I'm going in with the original MSO for a plate transfer from my 04 625 SXC KTM.

What's with the non standard VIN crap. MA never issued me a title for the SXC which I discovered when I decided to sell it. Went to the Boston RMV and was told a problem with the VIN #. I produced a photo copy front/back of the previous NY title. A supervisor looked at the old photo copy and decided it was ok to release the title. I was sweating bullets for a few long minutes.
GASG is what they have them listed as at the registry,you may need a vin verification from a police officer to confirm the bike exists,the registry will tell you if you need one of those,again no big deal
Non standard vin is because gasser uses the european vin # system. There are letters in the euro vins that conflict with letters in the us vin system. computer spits it out because the #s don't conform to us system. The letters designate the year so the euro vin makes it look like your bike is from the 70's or something like that.
I just finished up at the RMV. I have plate in hand and I should get the title in the mail.

They added GGMA into the system as a manufacture and wouldn't use gasg because it wasn't listed that way on the NH title.

It really is luck of the draw on who you get at the RMV, some will just push it threw, some say no way and one actually took the time to place the calls to Boston and work it out. I did learn one thing, they know how many times you try, the last lady made a comment about my other attempts.

Took four trips to the RMV and 3 weeks but it's done.

Thanks for the help and if you have any questions skid dad (or anyone else) ask away.
Really glad to have this info before heading back to the RMV in Boston. Should save me (and them) allot of headaches getting a plate for the bike.

Thanks guys:)
The guy that knows the gasgas deal worked at N. Attleboro but now works in the Quincy branch if thats closer than going into Boston. My 00 and 02 were GGMA and my 05 is a GASG
Finally got a plate/registration for my 07 300 Gasser today in MA. PIA for sure!

1st attempt failed (after a 1 hour wait) because used bike mileage, dealer signature and printed signature, dealer # info, was not filled in on the CTO. I did not notice that. Me bad! Had to send it back to him to get that all rectified and he also also noterized it a 2nd time which looked good on the CTO.

2nd attempt was almost a 2 hour wait at the Boston registry. Blood pressure off the charts and ready to go postal. I had all correct paper work and insurance info, bill of sale etc. this time, a stenciling of the VIN # from the steering head just in case they questioned it (closeup pics came out to blury), a full color photo of a 4 stroke Gasser with street tires, blinkers, big drop down rear fender in case I had to bluff my way through because the model type said "off road" on the CTO. She never noticed:) Than she had to call the Dept. Of Revenue because there was no listed value for the bike in the MA system:rolleyes: Then I didn't have enough cash to cover all the fees and sales tax:eek: Quick trip to the ATM and back with more cash and back to the same person and everything went smoothly finally. No issues with the VIN thank god and I have my stinking plate and registration. GASG is what she used and thanks to everyone who let me know that important tidbit of info.

Time to put it back together and just ride.....just when I'm pretty sure I'm about to loose my job:mad:
Sorry to hear...that sucks!

Just ride for the summer and live off us...opps..I mean the government.

I'm sure a smart guy like you could find something.