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I have some new Gasser parts for sale. These were for my 2011 250 Six Days, not sure what all years they will fit.

List of Brand New Parts: $7 dollars shipping for each item inside the USA or multiple parts can be purchased for the same $7 dollars shipping. Not including front fender.

Clutch cover and gasket $45.00 SOLD
Reed gasket $4.00 SOLD
Complete throttle assembly $36.00 SOLD
Two front brake levers $20.00 each SOLD
Two clutch levers $ $30.00 each SOLD
One shift lever $35.00 SOLD
Kickstart assembly $60.00 SOLD
Complete coolant hose kit $35.00 SOLD
Aluminum rear wheel spacer $15.00 SOLD
Impeller $8.00 SOLD
Radiator cap $15.00 SOLD
Front Fender (White) $25.00 SOLD
Exhaust mount $15.00 SOLD

PayPal, cashiers check or money order.

Any questions just ask.
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id have to think lonestar emailed you back, i just dealt with him on a set of wheels and a bunch of parts and he went above and beyond to get me my parts to canada ASAP! thanks again bro!
What is included in the kickstart assembly

It's the whole kickstart assembly with the knuckle and all. if you look under "used bikes" and go to the second page look for the add entitled "2011 XC250 Six Days + Parts". There's a picture of it there. Kinda like a treasure hunt. haha