Northern CA family riding and camping areas


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I'm looking for suggestions for family riding and camping areas in Northern Ca.
I've got a beginner wife(ttr-125le), 5 YO son (ktm 50 mini) and a 3 YO girl thats ready for the ktm mini.
My wife has a cousin in the SF bay area also with a family.

We recently all went to hollister and had a great time.

I'm looking for other riding areas preferably in Northern CA that are good for families and have camping.
We're considering Stoneyford. A lot of it is closed and not sure of which areas to go for the kids.

We also have some red sticker bikes so as we go into summer that is a concern.

Prefer something slightly cooler as imagine hollister and stoneyford are like redding a get into the 100's during summer.
And camping near a lake or stream for cooling off.
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Being that your closer to the PNW I would be inclined to look more north than south. Your 3+ hours from my area and I still need to drive 1.5 to 2.0 hours to reach a good riding area.

All the riding areas that I ride in are mostly in the mountians where red stickers are allowed. But, dust becomes an issue was we've had a very dry winter and spring. Two weeks ago Tony and I went to Elkins Flat to ride and it was hecka dusty...which brings down the fun factor...just a bit.

Not sure if you have ever checked out this site : But this might be a good place to start.
Sorry left out that cousins are in south Sanfrancisco, so somewhat of a mid point between us is prefered.

I've been looking at riderplanet I know there are areas not listed and looking for suggestions on both the listed ones and unlisted.

What about the Campground adjacent to Georgetown? Georgetown (i think) is relatively kid friendly. You cannot ride in/out of campground but it is not
A Terribly long walk. The campground is on a small reservoir.

The campground/reservoir is called "north-something". Cannot remember entire name

Hull Creek stays relatively cool in the summer but is not red sticker friendly
how about near lake Almanor?
how about near Paradise? High Lakes?

I can't picture anywhere in the High Lakes, Philbrook area that is really family friendly riding though.

I have heard of family camping and riding at Butt Valley Reservoir but have only driven through there on the jeep trails once. Seemed like a plausible good family area to me.

Maybe check out the different pages on here might help:

Boca for example might be a good fit (have not been myself):