Oversized discs for supermoto gas gas Wheels?


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Oversized discs for supermoto gas gas Wheels? can they be bought where to get them from are the supermoto hubs same as offroad ones
You might try here first:
search by bike name. There is a USA
dealer, if you are in the States.
You might look up motostrano.com and
give them a call.
GoFasters may also be able to get you
a real GasGas brand front rotor as well
as a caliper relocation bracket.
As far as I know. The SuperMoto wheel
hubs are the same as Enduro wheel hubs.
If you have not found it yet. Supermotojunkie.com
has lots of general SuperMoto information.
Not a lot on GasGas though.
Here is my set up for a 1998 EC250SM with the
Marzocchi 50mm forks and Brembo caliper.

Yours is most likely going to be different.
Good luck, Jeff
still struggling with finding a rotor and bracket or any UK place that i can get these from what about genuine gas gas parts any help please
I previously posted about my inability to find Supermoto wheels and brakes for my 450FSE. I ended up by going with a 17" KTM front wheel, hub and rotor. For the rear, I went with DRZ stuff. Parts for this setup are available anywhere.

For a front bracket to mount the rotor,I took Jeffs advice and bought a Motomaster bracket so I could mount a 320mm rotor to the front fork.

On my 2002 ec i used a ccm 320mm front disc listed for most of the supermoto ccm's including the 404, my 404 had WP forks the same calliper braket as my 2002 ktm and same as my 04 404 ccm, this allso bolted up to my gasser
As I'm not sure what model GG your talking about I wouldn't know what 320mm bracket you would need. In fitting the 320 rotor to the caliper you would need a specific bracket to match the fork to the caliper. Matching the rotor to the hub is one factor. The other is matching the fork to the caliper and extending it by enough to accept the 320mm rotor. In looking at jeffs bracket, it appears that the bracket just extends the components by enough to fit the larger rotor. My fork is the standard Shiver 45mm connected with a Nissen bracket to a Nissen caliper. The Motomaster bracket for that set up is different than Jeffs. My motomaster bracket part#2110036 attaches to the fork and completely replaces the standard Nissen bracket.

Depending on the fork and caliper that the CCM uses would determine whether or not their extension bracket would work with your setup.

has anybody ever tried drz wheels ?

"Update" I tried a friends and the front fit but the back was way to wide sprocket to disc !
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