oversized floating rotor?


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Does anyone make a oversized floating wave rotor kit including ss lines mounted cr style for the 01 300xc. or anything to make the brakes better in the front.
The gasgas comes with an oversized front brake rotor. I think the main problem is that the front brake lines in 2001 were not steel braid and the front line is really "spongey". They went to steel braid lines in later years. He hasn't advertised them, but Les @ LT-Racing has a bunch of steel braid front brake lines for the gasgas in stock - these are very reasonably priced.

I would check the pads; I like the compound on stock nissin pads, in tight woods they are a good compromise between providing brake feel and stopping power. But if you want greater stopping power - you can go with a compound with a greater coefficient of friction.

When was the last time you flushed out the brake fluid? I usually use motul RBF600 brake fluid for a higher boiling point - but any good dot 4 works well. (FYI - silicone based dot5 is not compatible with dot3/4).

i have new pads and new fluid up front its just time for a new rotor i guess il go for the oem replacement also does the 03 line straight up crossover or is there any difference or modifications?
Floating wave rotor

I couldnt get mine to stop howling and it was slightly bent so I contacted galfer and got a beautiful floating wave that I matched up w/a set of the best pads that DP offers & I couldnt be happier, NO HOWL!!!

part# df677flw goes for about $145.00