Rear Brake Caliper


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The rear brake caliper pin was seized on my bike, and upon removal, i took the threads with me. I have a number of options.

1. Does anyone know if a Honda CR250R caliper will work on an EC300. My thought is "maybe" since the pads are the same and they look similar. (I have a buddy with a CR250, and he owes me, so i'll check, but if someone knows for sure, that's even better.)

2. anybody have luck putting an M10x1.00 helicoil in to secure the brake pin?

3. anybody modify the caliper/pin deal? ( I have a few ideas, but they might not be so hot).

4. Anyone have a used one for sale?


I have an '07 that I may be parting out soon and could sell you the rear caliper.
What year is yours and will it fit?
Thanks for the reply. Sorry to omit the important details.

The bike is a 2002 EC300. This model uses the Nissin Caliper. My guess is that the '07 caliper would fit.

Calipers are $420 new from GG. From Honda, they are $115. That's why the Honda caliper is attractive as they are both Nissin. A Heli-coil kit is $53, so a used or new Honda caliper is attractive as the new caliper is only 2x what the helicoil kit is. That is, if the Honda fits. I'll check my buddy's tonight or tomorrow.

If someone has a part-out caliper, i'd be game. KDXFile, parting out an '07 already? Yikes.


Thanks. I went to ebay, found a guy parting out a Honda CR500R. Won the caliper, carrier, pads, and disk guard for $30. Super. Just won the auction last night.

So, if you're in the need, you can use a caliper from a 1990-1998 Honda CR bike. It looks like in 2000 they moved the brake line from the "bottom" of the caliper to the top. My guess is that the slider pins are in the same location for the newer bikes, but the older Honda stuff is dead nuts.

Even the casting numbers are the same.
Sorry took a while to get back,, mines a brembo,, from my 97 I guess..
So it wouldnt have helped anyway..
I think the rear caliper from a 2000-2008 CR-80 2 stroke will fit, also.
you can find these "new" on ebay from Keep it Roostin".

Use a tiny, tiny amount of "anti sieze" compound from NAPA on the pin threads...
Anyone using those stainless steel caliper pins to help prevent this problem? I have seen them advertised a few places. Any good?
The CR 80 calipers i saw on Keep it Roosin aren't the same as the CR500, CR250 calipers which will fit the gasgas. That doesn't mean that they won't fit, but they're not the same caliper. Actually, i'd be that they don't fit, but i can't be sure w/o trying. They look significantly different, however.