Reiger Shock Bearings


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Does anyone know what size bearing part #6 is or know of a supplier that has this bearing? I need part #6 and #8. The eyelet bearing #5 actually I sourced from a 2007 ktm 250 upper shock bearing. It works for both the top and bottom of reiger shock. I contacted reiger but they wanted payment through cash app which I don?t feel comfortable with as there is no buyer protection. Thanks for any help/guidance. I attached the reiger shock parts diagram, please let me know if it?s not viewable


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I thought Rieger were German but apparently Dutch.

The gernans would never conceive of ripping you off. The Dutch are probably pretty similar.
I have done business with Reiger. I have sent my shock to them several times. There has never been a problem.

No reason to doubt them.


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