Southern VA, Northern NC Riding


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I am contemplating a move to Danville, VA, and am curious as to whether anyone here knows much about riding in this area. My daughters and I are primarily trail riders who ride alot, but have no interest (yet) in racing HS or enduros.

Can anyone provide any information as to public or private lands in this area which are good for riding?

Thanks in advance.

I've ridden at Brown Mtn a couple of times. It's a public ORV park located in Morganton, NC. The place is made up of 40 miles of trails. SETRA hosted a Enduro at BM earlier this year. It would be worth the drive.
NC motorsports park

nc motorsports park in Henderson (north of Raleigh-near Va line) has several mx tracks and some good trails. A little further away is Brushy Mtn Motorsports Park--great place to ride -near Taylorsville Nc