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  • The 07' I met Ken in CO. he gave me the MSO(he did not title his either and wound up paying the taxes)but he gave me a notorized bill of sale. Just a generic one we printed off the internet. He stated on there I paid 1200 for the bike, but in reality I gave him 2500. We did that so the taxes wouldn't be so much. My 97' I bought was never titled either. All I had was the MSO and no bill of sale. The MVD didn't ask for one since the bike was so old. I just made up some story that I owned it since new and back in 97 youo didn t have to get an ohv tag or title. Told them I just rebuilt it and want to ride it legally now. They just looked up the value which was only like $800 so i payed the tax on that. The 12' Steve Beane shipped it from Dearborn, MI. for $250.00. I can;t remember what shipper he used.
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