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  • Hi Mike
    I am much more motivated to buy your pipe now. Mine is now toast and the bike unrideable.
    As much as I dislike the lack of side protection on a chest protector, I wouldn't ride without one now. Has saved me from serious injury several times this year.
    At your earliest convenience let me know what the shipping is going to be, and I'll send you a cheque.
    Hi Bruce. Thks. Am getting around now and will let you know soon. Ass hurt on a trials bike? lol My neck got sore when I first started from the head up riding position and heavier mx style helmet.
    Yes, I've been there with a chest protector too. Fell on my side with one on and broke a rib, and another time got stabbed by a branch where conveniently there is no protection. Never liked them and gave it away.
    Prefer just a back protector, body armour suit (with chest protector taken off to let the air thru) or just a kidney belt.
    Mike, no rush, no hurry. But this isn't good news, i'd planned on getting a trials bike
    when I got too old for the tail bike. Although my daughters new boyfriend has a Beta280
    I rode it for 20 minutes, you can't sit down, the next day I couldn't sit down cause my ass hurt so much.
    Absolutly I intend to cut it open and remove the cat, a buddy has a wire feed and shouldn't have any trouble welding it back together.
    Again, no rush. Get well soon, but sounds like you may miss a chunk of the season,
    I missed the first two months, when riding, with a chest protector, I crashed and landed
    on my side (no protection there) and cracked three ribs. Bruce
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