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  • Hi Jakobi-
    I see you were active a couple days ago. Good to see. Would you let me know one way or the other regarding the service manual I requested? Thank you so much! Kent
    Can you shoot me a copy of a KYB service manual for the AOS forks?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, i was searching for the KYB maintenance manual and saw your post reply. Can you please send me a copy to my email? emaralha@yahoo.com

    Thanks in advance.
    I hadn't seen any posts from you in quite a while. I always found your posts informative. I hope you are still riding. Good luck.
    Hi,I read almost all topics regarding jetting combo. My bike is ec300 09 ,AS1 temp. -5~5℃ altitude 500m-1400m. So I decided to use N3xx neddles,I want N3CH but I don't found on local ktm dealer. I have this:N3CJ and N3EG. Witch one is the best for cold weather? Can you write some combination whith this needles?

    Sorry for my bad english :) cheers from land of enduro,Romania(cs)
    Hi, im running a 2013 fantic 250 (gas gas ec250 motor) with a pwk38 carb at 1000f above sea level (in south australia), what jetting would you reccomend?

    also, when i back off the throttle from higher rpm, the bike is abit erratic, as it goes "ding.... ding ding.." on its way down, ive never had a 2 stroke do this before, they are generally smooth... any ideas?

    Thanks for any input.

    Cheers, Ben
    Hi Jakobi
    I'm trying to sort out my smart carb and saw you had measurements for both the 38 and 36 for the new rod could you please let me know what Corey told you for the 36. I ordered a 38 but it looks like I have a 36 (since I can't get anywhere near 99mm) but can't seem to get hold of him right now. Thanks
    Hello! I have tested that N3CJ needle. I ended p45 m178. Needle works best in slot 4# from top. I like the output of power lots of torque down and then it goes like scared rabbit. Little hesitation still when opening full after curve in sandy mx track. It doesn't hesitate at first, but just before getting to full pipe. Could it be little lean maybe? What needle do you suggest next?
    hey mate just wonderin if you know whether bits 4 bikes has any 12s in yet? im still keen to get one but wonderin whether to wait for the 13s or get a cheaper runout 12 R model(cant decide between 200r n 300r). wanna check one out & have a sit on it etc first but last time i went in dean still had 11s in there. no rush even end of year/early 13(tho i doubt that!) to buy but gettin beyond a joke if he aint got em in yet. whats the go transmoto reckons the 300e weighs 112.2kg!? surely not cos thats a deal breaker for me! i thought 102kg for r n 105kg for e models?
    Hi Jake,
    I have a few jetting questions I'd like to ask your opinion on... If you don't mind, then let me know...
    Should jetting be done while in 'rain or sunshine' mode, or should it matter?
    How does temperature/humidity affect jetting? ie: cold and rainy, vs hot and dry...
    I'm in the process of trying to jet my 2012, but have very little time on it due to seriously inclement weather...
    hey, you wouldnt happpen to know where i could get a piston for a 2011 300 would you? i checked with wiseco, vertex and wossner and they dont list one fo rthat exact application.

    eh word on the street is you were in bits 4 bikes thursday sussn out 200s. i was in there friday arv doin same thing! went to leonards to look at 200exc(can test ride hearns 11 200exc if i wanted he reckoned) but just dont feel comfortable on em. 11 ec300 at deans felt much better! reckon be a few months before we be seeing em tho! you get yours first, get it set up then i can just bludge off all your hard work! :)
    hey mate i rang solo imports today & they assured me the 200s(Rs only) are definitely coming just unsure when. happy days! wont be buying till mid-end of year(runout prices-yeah im a tightarse with kids!) but awesome to know. wonder if theyll bring out a 6 days 200? either way my minds made up!
    if you just sent me a message mate i stuffed sumthn up so send again please. im crap with computers!
    hey mate. new to this site. live in port douglas area. got a husky 300. think i met you around blk mtn when you got ya euro coupla years ago maybe. was lookin at adding a 200r to the stable(super sexy!) but see they might not be coming. whats the go cobber?
    Hi Jakobi
    Just to let you know all the 250R have been sold and we do not have a date if and when we will get any more.
    the other big problem we have is still no date on the 200R.
    We have the 300R, 300E and 250E arriving next week, the 250F will arrive at the end of March with the sold out 250R and no news on the 200R.

    I know you have been waiting on a 200 so I thought I would keep you up dated.

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