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  • hey, I did not get the bike...I think he is going to sell it to a local guy....kinda slid in under me!
    I'm looking for a front tire to compliment the MT43 on the back of both my Husky WR250 and my GasGas 200. I'm in MO now and ride in the woods most of the time. It's rocky with roots and a little mud but not bottomless the MT43 is ideal on the back with the Tubliss but I prefer a knobby on the front for braking. I'm putting Tubliss on the front with what ever tire I choose. I know you would have a good recommendation.

    Thanks, Doug
    thanks for the great ride on saturday. wish I hadn't cramped, it made it made it hard to want to keep riding, my brain wanted to but my body was in rebellion. soon need to do it again.
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