2001 txt 200 top end rattle


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I have a 2001 200 txt for a spare, buddy bike. Bought it with a pretty decent top end rattle that my last 200 did not have. Previous owner said it?s been like this for the 6 years he had it, and I have no reason to disbelieve him. Lots of compression, more than my last one, and this one starts if you so much as look at it.....first kick always, hot or cold.

I want the rattle gone. It has the B piston. So I would want to very very lightly hone it, and another B piston just in case the pin bore is big, new rings just because, and a new wrist pin bearing.

Sounds top end, not bottom but posting all this in hopes others here might offer guidance and some info on where to get the above parts. Our local gasgas fellow only has an A piston.

Thanks in advance. Love this little bike, even against my montesa 300rr sold my last 200 to a buddy because he begged me.......searched for another ever since!

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My 2000 had top rattles in a way that the 2001 the seller also had didn't. Wasn't too bad so bought the 2000. After a while I got it measured and he said buy the same B piston. It was unworn and round.

Was a little better but the rattle came back after a bit. I think the piston has enough taper that it rattles. Never caused a problem.
I used local guy in NZ, can't advise for, I'm assuming Northern hemisphere