2018 XC300 Linkage slop after complete rebuild - driving me nuts!


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Hi ,

I have mystery that I would love to solve! I have replaced all the bolts and linkage/shock bearings on my 2018 XC300 hoping to eliminate the play I have in the linkage set up. To my frustration each change along the way (all within 5 hrs of ride time) have made no real difference. From what I can tell I have two potential candidates for where the slop is

1: The dog bone linkage that connects to the frame. There is obvious play in that pivot point however, bolt, spacers and bearing are all new

2: Top shock mount. Bearing and spacers and bolt are new. Still appears that this has movement.

The common factor between both of these are that they are connection points to the frame. My two theories are 1: Bolts not tight enough to pinch on the spacers and 2: With of the spacers is not wide enough to touch on the frame and even though bolts are tight it?s not enough to clamp on the spacers hence the slop.

The bolts are torqued to the spec in the manual, so that leaves me with number 2 being the possible cause.

I have seen a few discussions on the linkage bearings on here but not of them specifically address the problem of slop after a complete rebuild.

Has anyone experienced this and if so, did you manage to fix it and/or does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to try and resolve it? Its driving me mad especially after spending $280NZ to end up with no improvement!

Hello, Did you use OEM parts or an aftermarket kit for the rebuild? Were the bearings full compliment type with full length rollers that were side by side all the way around the bearing or did they have spacers between the rollers?

I have seen some aftermarket kits or mixing and matching parts allow for some slop even after a rebuild. While prefer the linkage to not have slop, I have seen some rebuilds and even some new bikes have some slop in the rear linkage.
No, I didn't use an OEM kit. Just whatever the shop here in NZ could source. I think it was All Balls. The rollers are full length and matched what came out and also match the OEM part diagrams. I was thinking maybe it's a dud kit but the play was in the same location when the old bearings and spacers etc were in. Definitely an odd one!

As long as no damage is bring done, it's not the end of the world but I would really like a tight set up!
I replaced the rocker bolt that had worn on mine, but not so likely on an 18. A tiny amount of slop is amplified many times depending where it is in the linkage. I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it.

Weather looks good if going to Bideford.
We did Berm buster in September. What a mud fest that was. Yeah! And that's with supposed draining pumice!
But should be much drier now.
I did it in july (ish) on my trials bike, it will be a good test for suspension 100's of km's of sand whoops LOL

(It still amazes me that they actually go out and grade the tracks with a bulldozer!! why do people buy an off-road bike to go ride a gravel road?)
The single track loops are fun though
I took my Trials bike on a short loop and did some great silvers a few times, but the main track was pounding compared to my EC300 . Horses for blah blah. Nice to tuck one in the van for variety if you have room.