electric start on older bikes?


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is it possable to put a e start on an non estart engine? what parts are different? i have a 09 250r and since my knee injury, i may have to look into this.
I know nothing about this but was told the real old cases had provision as e start on the quad, but that recent cases didn't have provision but that was reinstated on current cases.

Just should clarify. again I have not looked at it.
glad I started with the preamble I did. I'll have to mention it to my source if I see him.
Electric start on a 2001 EC250

I have a 2001 EC250. I have found this electric start kit that fits all bikes from 1996 and newer.


But they say that bikes before 2006, which is my case, need the rear fender and seat. Could someone please clarify what that means? Do I need a different rear fender and seat than the stock ones on my 2001 bike? Maybe from a newer model?
Can anyone confirm this kit works for bikes older than 2005 because the ignition covers are different. This could be an expensive typo and not for the person that made the typo. :eek:
A friend of mine has build the electric start on a 1999 EC300. The kit fits, but for the older bikes you need a spacer of about 2mm for the power valve cover, to align the motor to the bendix. For the motors with counter shaft you must close a small gap between cover and motor.

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