First Ride 2018 GP300


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So I finally got a chance to get the new ride out on Saturday. So far I have sprung the bike for my weight, set sag per my tuner, pipe guard, swapped bars and handguards from my 13 EC300. I re-jetted with an N3CJ needle, 3rd clip, 180 main, air screw ended up about .75 turns out, power valve is at 2.5 turns.

So my clubs enduro was just run so we decided that it would be good to make sure all the arrows are down:). So two of headed out at 8 am and the trails were in perfect condition, the 350 riders had blown all the loose rocks of the trail the week before. Our trails are very rocky, tight and some flowing. I was amazed by how comfortable the bike is, I'm a big guy 6'5" and with the stock seat and bar position most back position with no bar risers. Every other bike I've had I always added bar risers and a tall seat, so far I don't see the need with this bike.
All and all we did a 40-mile ride, only made two adjustments to the forks, slowed the rebound down a bit and backed out the compression. It ate up rock gardens tracking very straight, handles like no other bike I have ridden. The motor just pulls and pulls, lug or a dab of the clutch brings it right up on the pipe. So very pleased with the bike on the first ride.
Only concerns I have, right fork guard rubs on the front wheel, horn soon to be deleted rubs the fender, left-hand side panel seems to come out of position up by the rear fender, and the starter will not spin when cold it started every time on the trail but just one of those things.
So this bike is just awesome!


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Nice one! Makes me excitreE!!
You should be, I parked my 13 in August to get it ready for sale. I've been riding my old 07 525 which tends to be a handful in the tight stuff.
It's just so awesome when something feels so right out of the box. It took a bit to get the 13 working the way I liked, but when I did it worked great. And to be so good from the start.
Here are some dirty pics:


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I'm making the same change! Went from a 2010 to a 2013, and now onto a 2018. My 2013 model has had some work, including a set of KYB forks up front. I've been really happy with it, so if the 18 is as good or better I'll be stoked.

Something nice about that tight fresh bike feel.

I still need to dress my 13 for sale yet though.
I have had my 18 for weeks, and really only started on it yesterday. It still hasn't even been fired yet. I'll have the head cut before then. And managed to tear the stator gasket on disassembly. Luckily they cross over with the old ones!
I bought my 18 in Feb. Finally sold my 15? three weeks ago when the wife started putting the pressure on. Lol.

Hahah! Part of the conditions of sale was that I had to let go of at least one other bike to assist in recovering some coin. Seemed fair enough.. just had to put measures in place to ensure that I kept my end of the bargain up!

I'll get the young fella onto the 13. He can project that one up to sale spec. Be a good learning for him. He likes the old 10 best though.