fork seals!


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Hey guys, can you all please verify that this is accurate for the 45 mm Mazzochi
Shiver. I am just a little confused (as usual) about the cart. retaining nut (on the bottom) and shim stack. I can't see how the bottom nut holds the cart. or why it has to come off. I will follow the instructions, regardless .

I reckon I'll see it when I do it. I'd just like to know if the instructions here are really what will happen! Soooooo.......whose done it and are they? :)

Thanks guys!
Those instructions will work.

Realistically you don't need to remove the cart or base valve to drain the oil. BUT given that most of the crud settles at the bottom of the fork you may find thats where all the sludge is. Sometimes a few flushes with a light fluid will work to wash it out, however full disassembly is the easiest way to clean things.

Be warned though, the alloy is SOFT! and if you try to torque on it on its own the whole cart will spin in the fork lower. You either need a cart holding tool (or another way to hold the cart) ((or a rattle gun; be careful!))

Basically the cart has an inner thread, the base valve has an external, and the fork foot has a lip so that when its all installed it stays put in the lower fork.
Jakobi, I'm sorry to be so dense in my posts.
I need to replace the seals, not just drain oil.
What is a "rattle gun". I have never heard that term. Is it just an air impact gun or wrench? If so, I have several. I tend to call things by proper names if I can, when they used the term I wondered about it. I'm not a "novice" mechanic but when I've never done something I tend to ask lots of questions.
Better to ask than bust it up.

You still don't need to remove the cart/base valve to remove the seals. Pulling the dust seal down, removing the circlip, using some heat and then slide hammering them apart will still split the upper and lower but the cart will remain fixed into the lower leg.

Rattle gun is an impact. As stated, be careful with the alloys. A quality 6 point socket preferably with the lead in ground off will give you the best contact.
noobi, I make my living using the business only exists in cyberspace.

It never would occur to me to google "rattle gun".....I am not being sarcastic, I am deadly serious. It's a running joke at our house. I can't find shit. Hell, I can't even find porn! I "google it" and it says " "0 results for "porn".

Not kidding, it's odd......

Seriously, I have never heard an impact gun called a rattle gun and I'm an old man who was (they say, and paid me like it) a pretty good mechanic a long time ago. I asked Mac today if he had a "rattle gun" and he had no idea what I was talking about. When I told him he agreed that we have never used the term. We've been friends >40 years!

Guys, thank you all for the help, suggestions and the attempts to set me straight!

Gonna tackle the forks as soon as I fool with the links on the 450 and the know, my other "project"!
ps......for amusement......I once assembled a "Formula Ford" 1.6 Kent engine in our kitchen. I carried the block in.....put the in crank and the rest......assembled the head...cast iron of course......put the head on and had the engine pretty much ready to add fluids and fire up. The "oh shit" moment happened when we tried to get it out the kitchen......apparently all the pieces added up to a butt load of hard to hold weight. I called friends, they laughed at me, it was a nightmare to get it down our front steps.

That motor kicked ass....9,600 RPM.... a push rod motor! Dual Webbers, A6 300 degree cam, 10.6:1 pistons flycut for the valves to have clearance because of the lift, ported, polished, big valve, flow benched head.....bad ass....and I put it together in the kitchen w/o realizing it'd be "difficult" to get out the house and down the steps.....oh the days of youth! In my Siesta that motor won me a first place in the Autocross! Got a trophy to prove it!

I'm not completely incompetent but I sure am capable of stupid shit!