Gas Gas In Florida


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Bike week was a blast this past week. Gas Gas had a pretty good showing at the GNCC and the Alligator Enduro. Just thought I would pass along some info.

250A 9th Overall Jake Korn

Alligator Enduro
4th Overall Fred Hoess
9th Overall Jake Korn
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Jake has been doing great for GasGas. He almost won both the NETRA Hare Scramble and Enduro series last year. After wrapping up the HS series he lost the Enduro series at the last event and it wasn't by much.

Way to go Jake!
he like alot of guys got lost during the last section that day costing him the enduro title,he also finished fourth A 250 in the georgia GNCC,he is very fast and a great kid as well,his parents also race and are way fast too,nice family wish them luck this year