GG needs help in Tennessee


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Gas Gas has 5 listed dealers in Tennessee but two are trials dealers and the 3 others do not promote the brand at all. There may not be an 08 or 09 bike on the showroom floor anywhere in the state. Something needs to be done. I want to help but I'm not sure how to go about it. I, like most of you, rely on dedicated dealers like GoFasters, Smackover Motrorsports, and Road Track & Trail to handle my GG needs over the phone. Two of the those three dealers are no longer in business and they are sadly missed so what can we do to encourage new dealers to take on and promote the brand closer to home?
Here's my idea - We brainstorm ways to get more people interested in these bikes. I'll start the process - one idea that I like is billboards. I would be willing to put up a couple of small billboards if I could get the pictures donated. Anyone own any property along interstate 40?
I have an idea, we could all buy an extra Gas Gas and lend it out to people. There are a few more running around here because I let people test ride mine. Heck, I bought mine from test riding one back in '97 while I was riding a Husky. That test ride, coupled with a dealer nearby put me on a GG 200 for my next bike.

I'm afraid we're the best advertising they've got in the U.S.

If J-Dub does well this year, it should also open some eyes. Also, Dirt Bike just did a 300 "shootout." With the KTM, GG, and Husqvarna. They said good things about all the bikes. In fact, I read nothing negative into the article at all. I would guess good write ups in the magazines help sales, and this one should help.
Call Rich at Smith's Powersports in PA or Jay Hall at Hall's Cycle in IL. Both have helped me out a bunch and always know the part I need even if I don't and usually have it in stock.

Good GasGas Dealers are out there, but you have to support them so they stick around.
Test rides are for sure the most effective thing we can do to win people over to GG. Perhaps the factory and /or dealers could sponsor individual "promoters" the way they do racers. These "promoters" could offer test rides at organized events in return for discounts on GG equipment and parts. The test rides could include filling out a survey sheet and providing contact data so dealers could follow up with brochures or phone calls.

In response to "flopper12" I've heard very good things about Smith's and Hall's and I encourage everyone to support the good dealers whether they be in state or out of state. I just believe for the long range good of the GasGas brand we must increase the numbers of those dedicated dealers who actively promote these wonderful Spanish bikes. I have a GG dealer that is only 25 miles away but the last new GG they had on the floor was an 06 model. They don't get my business. I'm going to do my part to find someone local who will take on these bikes, advertise them, stock parts, and give some support to local racers.
We have a great dealer in Albany Oregon, and I'd love to do more business with him, but my bike never needs anything! Maybe I should rephrase that, I'd love to buy a new bike from him every year, but I'm not rich.
I think you may be asking too much from your dealers, especially given the poor economy. If you want to blame someone for lethargic sales, blame GasGas. Great at building bikes, not so great at marketing them-at least in the U.S.
I agree with Thelonious. There is so little mark up in these bikes, it's really got to be passion that keeps you in the Gas Gas business. A couple of fast factory riders in the U.S. and a couple of raving magazine articles would sell the heck out of Gas Gas bikes. Just look at Husaberg, they're doing great, and don't have a big name factory guy, just a hot new design, and a few very favourable magazine articles.
Dave's (KTM) Sportcycles in Maryville, TN sure tries pretty hard to promote those bikes. He tries to keep one or two on the floor and still has a hard time moving them. He also adds light kits and soft seats to the bikes before they leave. How many dealers do that? He also races the brand, after being a KTM dealer for many, many years. He has a sweet 2007 250 MC in there now he's trying to move, with the light kit and seat. He will loose well over $1k before all is said and done.
We're starting to get a little off topic here. This thread was started as a way to brainstorm ideas that we as individuals can use to help dedicated GasGAS dealers to promote these bikes. Maybe someone near Maryville,TN could help Dave (Cyclesport KTM) get a website up. Maybe someone in west Tennessee could help Sportcycle USA modify their website so people who use it would know they sell something other than KTM and Husenberg. :)
I believe Gas Gas Paciifc (a site Sponsor) here in Western Canada is having a Demo Day this coming weekend. That seems to be a good way to get the brand in the hands of potential buyers.

2009-04-17 - Gas Gas demo rides available
Sat. Apr. 25 Cat Lake (Squamish, BC)
Trials and Enduro models available)

Another thought; KTM has an implicit "brand recognition" because all of their bikes are orange. You see an orange bike and you assume it's a KTM. You see someone win a race on an orange bike, you assume he won on a KTM. Perhaps GasGas should just do something as simple a stick with a single, distinct colour for all models for all future years? "What, you mean your blue bike isn't a Yamaha?" :rolleyes:

What's a good colour that's now not already associated with a brand? Red's Honda. Green's Kawi, Blue's Yamy, Yellow's Suzuki. Folks seem to like the recent white of the ISDE bikes.

MIssion Impossible 09

I have been a GasGas dealer since 1999 which makes me one of the oldest & most experienced. I guess you can call me dedicated since GasGas is all I sell .I would sure appreciate a buyer or two this year so I can keep my dealership rights .In the worst economy I have ever witnessed I will not be financially able to put up the cash to set a couple of bikes out on the floor even though I am under threat that I will lose my deal if I don't produce ,WOW I am not rich ! I just love the bikes I would be happy to help you folks get a new GasGas but someone has to call me first.I also build a mean motor too if you guys want to feel all the power potential of your 250 or 300.Of course I have never had them refer a local customer to me .But I notice every single bike I see that I did'nt sell and I know how they got it.I know all my customers & try to stay in touch with them .I stand behind the bikes & go out of my way to take care of people. Why not give me a chance :North Tahoe Motorsports ,Moundhouse Nevada (Carson City east) 775-224-4180
A couple of fast factory riders in the U.S. and a couple of raving magazine articles would sell the heck out of Gas Gas bikes. Just look at Husaberg, they're doing great, and don't have a big name factory guy, just a hot new design, and a few very favourable magazine articles.

Husaberg has former KTM Nat'l HS champ Robbie Jenks racing the bike periodicly and young gun Nick Farhinger racing the Nat'l Enduro's and making the podium.

I think the bike's performance and design is the reason behind the buzz about the new 'Berg's.

Sierra Gasser, I feel you man. I had a Gas Gas dealer in my hometown. Folded due to lack of support. If I wasn't a broke college kid at the time I would have bought a bike off of him. I think you hooked me up with some frame guards off of Ebay. Thanks for that. Good luck to you buddy.
I had someone call me the other day looking for GasGas parts because we took over the Husaberg dealership from Cyclesport USA. I did not take GasGas for several reasons none of which have to do with the bikes themselves. I have ridden them and think they are excellent bikes but the reality of getting them on the floor and being able to sell them has me spooked. Also we have no parts in stock and it takes awhile to get a good feel for what sells and what to stock. In the meantime the customer can call the same parts supplier as the dealer and get parts shipped to them. If I am not mistaken you can buy bikes form the GasGas USA and from GoFasters who are the parts distributors. I'm not saying this all a bad thing but it gives one pause when thinking about the capital you risk putting in a new line. I love dirtbikes as much as anyone but at the end of the day I still have to make some money. GasGas needs to rethink the Distributor/Dealer/End User relationship they have in the USA. Not trying to flame here or cast stones at Dale or GoFasters. Just saying from a real life dealer that likes Euro machinery.