Kyb fork issue 2018 and 2023 Help Please


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My 18 would feel like the fork dropped whenever front end left the ground, I eventually redid them with the internals from a yamaha450f set that I bought for my 01 conversion(which I still havent done ) Problem went away..... Now my 23 is doing the same thing . At first on my 18 I thought my head bearings were loose thats kind of how it feels, but that wasnt it as I replaced the bearings. Then somehow I "fixed " it when I put the 450 internals in. Anyone know or have an educated guess what it might be? I can rebuild an engine semi blindfolded.... but am ignorant on suspension.

Also any New England suspension tuner recommendations ?

Thanks. Spring is just arooooouuund the corner............ God Bless

Would that cause it ? I sprung them So i opened them up but pretty sure Bled em completely. But ............... Do you know for sure that that would be a symptom/cause. If so i'll crack em open again.
Honestly, not sure. I know air in the cartridge can do some weird things, though. I'm not versed well enough in suspension even though I do service my own forks. hopefully someone smarter than I comes along to enlighten us.
A shim can fracture and you would lose rebound dampening on one leg.... ?

Or one of the shimstacks has come apart...

You won't know until you pull it apart to check.

Just a wild guess....

For off road suspension work, Drew Smith at works enduro rider (WER) has always had a good reputation on the east coast.

Air in the cartridge can definitely do the above. I always overfill them as the excess is purged when you stroke the cartridge before reassembly. They are quite simple to inspect and assemble. (With the right tools)
I know that the KYB free pistons come apart, and that aluminum pistons are much more durable.

I have a set of these for the KYBs on my TM, and for the KYBs for my daughter's Beta.

That's my only thought - free of charge.
I know that the KYB free pistons come apart, and that aluminum pistons are much more durable.
Yep. Dealt with that on my buddy's YZ250X. Bike was just serviced and in less than two hours had to tear them down again due to it. We replaced with the aluminum ones as well.
The newer Kyb free pistons whilst still plastic are the open design and not very predisposed to cracking and splitting like the early ones.