New Cylinder for 2012 - how will the starter attach?


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2012 2 strokes have a new cylinder without the large left side powervalve cover. How will the starter motor mount to the cylinder???

Or will the estart bikes come with the old cylinder?
If they are building a whole new cylinder, it would make sense to me that they would add the necessary attachment points to the cylinder for the starter bolt up, even if the left side pv cover is eliminated.
KTM has a patent on the horizontally mounted starter for 2T's. Not sure how that works but that is what I was told by Gas Gas. That is the reason for the vertically mounted starter on our bikes.
I wonder how KTM could patent a starter scheme everybody has used for a zillion years? Heck, I have an old Harley that uses a similar system.
I believe it has something to do with the engaging gear operation that KTM has the patent on. Not 100% on that...

If it's like the one on my buddy's KTM...They can have it cuz it's not a very good system IMO.