Nor-Cal riders reply


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Lets get a list of GG riders going here.

This thread is for norcal only please. It would be great to ride with each other and be one in GG:cool:

I am in valley springs.


Lodi, just down the hill.

It would be cool to get a Nor.Cal ride on the calender. By the second or third week of Oct, we get a rain in the mountains...most of the time. I'd say a weekend camping / riding trip to like Elkins Flat / PiPi would be in order.
There is no D36 enduro on that weekend, the 49'er is the 10/28/12.

Just throwing this out there.......
I would be more than happy to take the lead if were to ride at Elkins Flat. But, I am not going to speak for the entire group as to where a ride should take place.

I think it would be a pretty long haul for Shane to make the trip to Minden, NV, but that is just hinking out loud.

I have been to Pine Nuts twice, and both times I was just following the leader, so I would NOT be the guy to lead this ride. Pine Nuts is a great place to ride, but local inside info would produce the best trails.

Like I said, I'd more than happy to put a ride together, the next step is to decide where, and what weekend. Pretty much between now and when the first snow fall.

19-21 Oct works for me.
I'd prefer this side of the crest..easier for me to get to. I'm free mid Sept on. Very interested in this ride, I'll do my best to make it.
This list of riders is getting bigger. Oct sounds good in 49er country. Pipi is a good area to play. I know the area very. The ride up to the lookout tower is always great.
Yea....the trail to the lookout tower is pretty cool, forgot about that.

I think we go for it.....let's make this happen...regardless of how many folks show up.
Hi Rick,
Not been hiding so much...just maintaining a low profile! Not riding enough lately and looking for a good reason to make some fun plans with good people. Bring on the ride!!! Might even camp out for the weekend depending on the location.
Well...since Rob brought this up, and I have been following this pretty close I will get the ball rolling:D

So far we have:

Rob (confirmed)
Jon (confirmed)
Rick (confirmed)

I think Elkins Flat / PiPi Valley OHV would be a great place to get together. Jon & Justin your just over the hill on 88 and your there. Rob is just up the hill from me, so were all about 1.5 hrs from the staging area. Brian, being over in the bay, has a bit of a drive, but still close enough for a weekend riding trip without feeling like a 6 hour drive....but with Bay area could be:rolleyes:

Date: 19-21 Oct 2012
Place: Elkins Flat, OHV area.

I will take that Friday off and be up there mid morning to get a campsite with enough room to support the crew. I will also bring my Husky (chainsaw) that is to ensure we have ample fire wood. My camp will consist of a cot, so I plan on packing lite.

If you are bringing a RV let me know before hand so I can get a spot for your rig.

The staging area is well marked off the North/South road.

There will be a pie plate and some glow sticks at the entrance for those who may show up after dark on Friday.

Friday & Friday's night meals will be on your own, however there will be a fire pit for grilling / bbq.

As for Saturday night, the meal plan will be bbq chicken if that works for everyone. I will pony up the main course....just cause I'm a nice guy;)

I will have a camp stove and cooking gear if anyone may need it.

The agenda is pretty simple...RIDE!!!

There is a crapper on site, vault type so bring extra.......T.P

Water: No running water, so bring plenty....

Cell Service: Sprint nor Verizion has a your pretty much out of reach.....

Hospital: is located in Jackson, sbout 30 miles away.

If all works out right, we should get a rain before hand dampen the forrest to keep the dust settled.

I know my way around this place pretty good, Rob, being close to his backyard as well, we can put some really good loops together that we all can do on OEM gas tanks.

There is a general store a mile east on SR88 after the Omo Ranch Rd turn off. Not sure if they have gas, but have supplies if needed.

Jackson is the biggest town before you head up the hill on SR88. There are several stores, gas stations for ice and chow.

One last thing, if you have a Red Sticker bike, your good to go!

That is pretty much the jist of things. As riders confirm, I will update accordingly.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting everyone!
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I work that weekend :(

Thanks for the invite and have fun!

We might be up there the following weekend as Karna wants to ride the 49'er. I imagine they will be out there marking the course the weekend you guys are up there so keep on the look out around blind corners.

Ice/snow permitting maybe ride Nov or Dec on the eastern side of the Sierra's?

Have fun

p.s. I am a Central Valley person just down 99 from you Rick

Dang...that sucks.....We will need to get together for a Pine Nuts ride for sure! I love that is worth the drive over 88 for me!!!!