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mountain thumper

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if i had posted an ad like this(all fake, obviously)
for sale: used 1985 ec200 1 million miles, melted wiring harness, great shape, steal at $10000

would anybody (other than me) feel the need to tell me how ridiculous i sound?
and then laugh at me when i responded with an email full of 90% cussing, with no apparent point?...
someone local is selling a super nes 1 controller, melted wiring and a game @ an asking of $200 us. she also had a sega genesis with 2 games, 1 controller for $300 us (in case you are not a gamer, these are worth about $20 us ea)
i asked her why so high and she went ballistic, i mean, the kind that makes you laugh so hard at the person your sides ache, ballistic! :D
maybe its just me...
Indeed, this is no surprise. Screwed up, but no surprise. Craigslist is full of these people.