Parts breakdown for older bikes


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When looking under manuals for parts breakdown and numbers I don't find anything for bikes older than 2004. If we could find something and make it available on this website it would help a lot of our members.
I have paper manuals for '00 and '02. I sent a message to the "webmaster" link offering them up but have never heard back. I don't know how to convert them to .pdf files or I would do that. I would be happy to loan them to someone to do that if I could get them back. (I have more than just those too but not sure how many)

PDF's can be downloaded on On the left side second from the bottom is "User Manual" from there up in the black taskbar, select the appropriate models trial or EC/MC or FSE or even quad. It is slow and takes a while so be patient.

We will have a new system ourselves in about 2 months! Will be a HUGE improvement over the dinasour we have now.....