PV orientation



I am moving my PV from one cylinder to another. I made note of the orientation or so i thought. When reassembling, I noticed that the PV ports appear to be OPEN while in the idle position and closed when in the full throttle position. I do not see how i could have this backwards. The actuator plate only attaches in one way as it is indexed on the right valve shaft.

Here is the plate in IDLE position

While in IDLE the ports are in a position to allow gasses to pass into the PV chamber.


When I rotate the plate to the full stop, the position the ports appear to be closed.

Here is the right assembly out and held in the idle orientation. The opening which matched the left port, is allowing gasses to pass up to chamber.

Is this correct? The PV ports are OPEN at idle and the close as RPM increases?
I have sorted the issue. I now Understand the orientation
Ohh I get you. Disregard post in the other thread. Thats correct. The drum valves are giving you access to the extra volume of the powervalve cover. Makes sense as to why larger covers are aimed at bottom end torque :D

In your other thread I thought you were talking about the actual powervalve flapper.

IE. Basically it will restrict flow from the exhaust port, while increasing the volume/length of the exhaust. All focused on improving low end response.