riding in Florida??


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Anyone ridden in both florida and arizona? recently recieved a job offer which would require a move to north-eastern florida (near ocala nat'l forest). seems as though riding areas very, very limited there compared to arizona... any opinions would be greatly appreciated
Florida ride

My brother was ridding in a place outside of Ft, myers the staging area was trashed by a bunch of party jerks and is closed and youll have to stage someware close and ride in, he said its tech and rockey but a lot of fun if thats what you like to ride. Don
We have a lot of riding down in Fl. Check out florida trailriders .org
You can call it legal riding or racing, it depends upon your atitude...
Florida riding


Riding in Florida is a lot different. I'm a transplant from Washington State. I've been riding down here for about 7years. I live in St. Augustine. I ride my 200ec out in the Ocala National Forest. It's alot of sugar sand, not like desert sand out west. Real silty, took me awhile to get used to it. But now I love it. Ocala National Forest is great, they have been making changes. There is some tight single track only trails (killer fun). Also there are alot of quads down here. So watch out. Best bets are to have a street legal enduro. My ec200 is street legal (barely). You can ride the trails then take a swim at one of the crystal clear springs. You will miss not having serious hill climbs. But you can ride year round and you don't have to wear cold riding gear. Let me know if you move here. I'll show you some good ride spots.

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hey thanks, actually going to st. augustine in march... are there bike rental places there? (i know i won't be able to rent a gas gas but i'll step back to a lesser brand)