TrailTech speedo -- brake caliper whole outside the arc


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I finally got 'round to installing my Trail Tech Endurance with the cool home-fabricated mount above the tank bolt.

As I screwed the pick-up into the Nissin brake caliper unit, I couldn't help but notice that the pick-up hole would place the cable a good 1.25-inches outside the arc of the magna-bolt on the brake rotor.

Result, an otherwise functioning Trail Tech Endurance doesn't record speed.


Any quick fixes? The former owner said he fabbed a bracket. I gotta be missin' sumthin here.
AZRickD Any quick fixes? The former owner said he fabbed a bracket. I gotta be missin' sumthin here.[/QUOTE said:
I installed one on my 04 GG300, and found the same problem. I used the stock pickup cable, and just snipped the wires on the stock cable up by the handle bars, I snipped the wires off the trail tech pickup sensor (6" down from the connector) and soldered(sp) it to the stock pickup cable. I used plenty of shrink tube for protection.
I did the same thing on my 04 GG quad.
This is all very strange. The stock pickup goes in the li'l hole in the Nissin caliper, but that location places it nowhere close to where any magnet can be easily placed (say the famous KTM notch).

I could drill a 3/8" hole but that would give me not much room for error in that thin metal area.
I don't have the "stock" magnet bracket, so your picture shows parts I don't have. I have just the Trail Tech parts. I also have no "hole in the hub."

Now for my Dangerous Plan B:

As you can see in my thumbnail photo below, I placed the magnet on one of the rotor rays.


For a bigger pic, go to

I placed a magnet inside the rays of the rotor and found that if I keep it within a half-inch (center to center) from the pickup (almost but not quite touching), then I get an adequate signal for the Endurance to process speed and distance.

You'll notice that black thingy stuck to the meat of the rotor ray. That is one of Trail Tech's magnets that is designed to go into a 3/8" hole and then c-clipped (and maybe even epoxied) in place. It would be inserted from the caliper side of the rotor with the lip keeping it from pushing through, and the clip keeping it from coming back out.

There are some rotors that come with the hole already drilled and they give ample room for that process. The GasGas rotor won't allow more than 3/16" on either side of that hole, once drilled.

The question is (submitted for the lawyers among us), if I drill a 3/8" hole, will the rotor still be robust enough to handle repeated decelerations from the nearly inhuman speeds I am able to obtain? (I would say yes).

I went through a dozen Home Depot drill bits to finally make that 3/8" hole. And unexpectedly arduous task. Once in, I found that this magnet alone wouldn't trip the Endurance. :confused:

Just for fun I decided to screw in the original magnabolt in tandem with the new C-clipped magnet. Viola !! My "Double Magnet Solution."


I something tells me I'll be riding twice as fast as before while using half the fuel. :eek:
Just as I feared. Double speed with both magnets in place. No signal with either one as solo units.

Maybe I there's a setting for taking only half of the magno-signals.
Try rotating your sensor 90 degrees, it migth be less sensitive if magnets pass in another direction. You could also try to adjust the sensor depth, just unscrew it until you only get one readout.
Just got back from weekend frolic.

Hopefully the Endurance is like the Vapor and it will allow me to pick whatever front wheel circumference I want.

Instead of the standard 2150 mm rolling circumference, I'll see if I can tell it I have a wheel that is half the size. If only I could find that manual. :eek:
Found 'em.

I think my doubling hypothesis is a little off. I cut the millimeters-per-revolution in half, and it is registering awfully slow. I wonder if it's not doubling every rotation but maybe getting a double read every other rotation (just my luck, I'll have to do a quadratic equation to figure this out). :rolleyes:

It was too dark to do any good measuring. Today or tomorrow I'll go out with a GPS and see if I can get a ratio of GPS to Endurance and adjust rotational distance inputs from there.

Screwing up, so you don't have to.