Unidentified engine/gearbox noise


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I finally had a chance this weekend to air out the 01 EC250 I bought last fall. Recent maintenance includes a cylinder replate to A specs with a Vertex piston, bottom con rod side to side clearance was within spec and there appeared to be no up/down play. Clutch has recently started to rattle some at idle, possibly dampers because it goes away when clutch lever pulled in.

Anyway, while at a poker run this weekend part of the course was a good clear uphill section. While climbing this section in 4th gear about 1/2 throttle I began to hear a squeling almost grinding type noise that appeared to be coming from the right side. It immediately went away after dropping the revs. I ran the section again in 3rd gear at the same RPM range and did not hear any noise. I then tried it again in 4th and the noise came back at about the same RPM range as before. Anyone have a clue what may be causing this?
Are you sure the clutch isn't starting to slip a little and is growling? Mine will make quite a chatter/growl when I get it real hot. If your clutch is about done it could be the cause. A bad clutch will often start slipping in the higher gears while under load and isn't always very noticeable. Good luck.
Thanks for the quick reply jostby. My initial thought was the clutch slipping but frankly, I never had a dirt bike long enough to wear out a clutch so have never heard one slip :) . Growling is a good description of the sound it made. Thanks again.
I should clarify, I have not had to replace my clutch. This happens when I don't change the oil as I should (and then abuse it). You might check and make sure the level is good or try doing a oil change before condemning the clutch.:rolleyes: