yay got another gasser!!

mountain thumper

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well the 07 is gone, but now ive got a 98 six days 250 thanks to jeepusaurus!! (just sent you my mailing address jeep)
rode the 03 pamp 280, and while very controlable, it was waaaaaay too small ergonomically, and the gearing is definitely screwy! i would recommend one as a first bike to anyone big enough to reach the controls, very docile.

then i went and rode a 98 cr250 which i liked, even though she was leaking from pretty much EVERY gasket on the bike!
felt really sluggish,heavy and short compared to an ec.

then when i finally(the whole trip was out of whack timing wise, things were just taking longer than i had anticipated) met up with jeepusaurus i was pretty sure i was taking his bike home. then after riding her up a dirt road and back i got out my wallet :)

im very pleased that i could keep my money in the gasgas brand (although i guess buying used it doesnt really do much for the cause except give me one to show off!!)
im sure i coulda got the honda on the super cheap, but i didnt really want a honda, i just hadnt found another ec yet!
:D :D :D
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Congtrats on the 98!! I still have my 97 and wont part with it.. does yours still have the CB?? and does it have the big lighting coil??
CB has been removed, and the big lighting also.
Craig, i still have the CB if you want to put it back in and smooth out that engine some, also have the big lighting coil from it but the flywheel ext. is missing.
yeah definately! esp the coil, i know the little one will run the lights i had, but i want to run something a little brighter this time! although im almost flat broke from the trip( cost me me a little over 115 just in gas, thats why i asked to dicker on the price a little!)
i do really need that kit for the clutch pump/res. i only rode about 15 minutes tuesday before i pumped out all the fluid!

took her in to show my local dealer, he had never seen a pre 03 ec, didnt even know they existed!(scary)
but yeah jeep im interested in those parts to, pm or call me!
The CB make it completely vibeless.. I can crank my 97 up to the upper 70's on the road without any blurred vision, or appendages falling asleep.. only If I could keep my conventional 45mm zokes from blowing out every ride.. new forks are in the process for mine.. shivers,, does yours have the GG clamps? or CR clamps??
the neck bearings are suzuxi, the clutch pump/res is gg the rest is cr.
ive never had a dirtbike goin that fast ex my last ec, and only 60. between knobbies and bent rims ive only had the one stable enough to try!
I got clocked on my 03 250ec going down a twisty hill,, 55 mph zone but turns are 35mph ish and a 10 degree downhill for two miles.. hit 87mph drifting on s-12 michlin rear and a bridgestone m59 front? I had a f650bmw trying to keep up.. My sxc did 95 on the same hill.. but I'm soon going to have my sumo wheels on it.. 17's baby.. they might find the way onto the 97 gg for a spin too..
i do really need that kit for the clutch pump/res. i only rode about 15 minutes tuesday before i pumped out all the fluid!

she mustve been pretty low, i topped the res off, and have been pumpuing it 10x every time i walk past.
im over 200 pumps, and its not even half empty yet.
i could easily ride with no fear!
question for either mountain thumper or jeepusaurus,, The cr250 forks on the 98? from a husky? Did you use the tripples from the husky or machine the GG clamps to fit? and did you use a husky front wheel or GG wheel? I ask as I have a set of husky zokes to go on my 97 and have a set of GG clamps and the husky clamps..
Cruizer, The forks are aftermarket shivers made for the honda cr, So the clamps are from an '02 honda cr 250, as are the rest of the front end(wheel,bakes,fender,numberplate).
ok,, honda cr250,, what size diam are the lower clamp area? the larger zokes? I believe the husky, honda, and cannondale all used the same upper part of the zoke.. How is the offset of the honda clamp comaired to the GG clamp? Did it change the way it handled?
Not sure on the dia. of the lower, will have to get Craig to measure them, but with the offset of the cr clamps,Quiker turning without losing any stability, infact the '98 is way more stable at speed than my '03 MC was, and it will run circles around it in the tight stuff!!