2007 Air box


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If any have you have seen the air box on the 2007s, I'm courious as to how well it is sealed off. I'm hoping that it don't have all the gaps that the older models had. I was thinking about switching over to the new airbox,subframe seat and rear plastic if it is of better design.
A parts/cost breakdown would be good if you find out. I'm curious too for when its time to renew the plastics. Plus the new rear fender & LED taillight would be cool too.
Lets see:
- airbox
- one piece? fender/side panels
- tail light
- subframe
Anything else ?
Forgot about
- the quick release seat
- quick release air filter holder
Its looking expensive now.
I already need a seat mine is bandaid repaired with rivets and aluminium. I just replaced my subframe which kind of sucks but my other bike"s sub frame is on the endangered species list. I never really liked the 04 05 rear fender. I don't know if the new fenders hold up any better, but I would give it a try. I would really like a new bike, but with the prices and the matter of the new supplier not having contingency or rider support in place yet has me thinking that I will just fix up my 05. I'm pretty happy with it anyhow.