2011 six days vs 2010 nambotin


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Would i be better off buying used nambotin i found or keep trying to sort out these six days 45 shivers.
Would you?

How much will the trade-in/change over set you back?
Whats the mechanical condition of the Nambo vs your current SD? Hours?

Going back a year you're definitely not taking a step back. You're getting improved suspension front and back, the same engine, and from all accounts an engine with better tolerances. But you still have any risks associated with a second hand purchase.

How much to do a KYB front end swap onto the 2011. I'm betting it'll work out cheaper and you still get to keep your bike.
Have not seen nambo yet. Bought mine new. it's the ttx that i'm after of course. Will prob. set me back around a grand or less depending what i could sell mine for.
Just wondered if the ttx were that much better.

Jake - are you talkin about gasgasman style of kyb conversion?
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Yep.. Thats the conversion I'm talking about. You should be able to source everything you need quite cheap.. it really depends how much you can get the nambo for, how much you can sell yours for, and how important the coins are to you.

Alternately you could try and source a gas gas 48mm triple clamp, some sachs legs, and then drop the ttx internals in too.. but I imagine this will cost $$ and sachs legs will be harder to come by.

How about upgrading to a 2013/2014 chasis and working with the 48mm CC zokes?

Loads of options. I had 48mm Sachs stock on my 2010. I dropped the 2011 spec TTX inserts in and have been in love. They do everything perfectly. I also bought the TTX shock and its a ripper. Much better than the stock 888 but maybe not as good as a well valved 888. I actually need to spend some time tuning the shock more.. but in general its very good.
Yep. Thought of that too. Waiting to see what 2014 brings. Love my '11 (except for fork). That's another reason i was interested in the '10 Nambo. Haven't ridden a '12 or '13. Rode a friend's 530 with TTX. I should have never done that!