Estart require floating AC ground?


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I bought a electric starter and some misc. bits off a forum member that took it off his 2011. It did not include the wiring harness.

I'm trying to wire it up and a little bit confused on the grounding of the electric starter motor. Currently I have 2k3 stator with a floating ground DC system using the trail tech regulator/rectifier. So chassis is AC ground, as it is stock.

Is the electric starter motor grounded through the motor case -> chassis ground?

Do I need to float the AC ground? How?

The bolt that mounts the starter motor to the LHS power valve cover (motor) is what grounds it. Obviously the motor is grounded through the chassis. That's on my '11.

Re the floating thingy, clearly I have no idea what you mean haha. Sorry.
Hmm thanks for the response and confirming that the electric start motor is grounded through the case.

I would think I am going to have to remove the AC ground to chassis in order for the electric starter to work.
The starter works on DC voltage.
It is independant of the lighting system, which is AC.
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I don't have a schematic, but if its a half wave rectifier AC and DC gnd will be common. If its full wave with a proper regulator than the gnds must be isolated.
I figured I should close out my thread...

Turns out by looking at my notes my stator had the ac floating ground mod done to it. I confirmed it by testing with a multi-meter.
To find out if the motorcycle or quad has a 'floated ground' stator, use a voltmeter (set to measure ohms) on the lighting leads coming from the stator - there should be two wires: measure each lead to the frame of the machine. If neither lead has continuity, then the system is floated.