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I've never raced in any way but have been interested in off road racing since I started riding dirt bikes (a couple of years ago now). TRH hosts a family enduro series and the next round is at the end of July. I'm thinking about entering in the beginners class.

What should I expect and what equipment do I need besides my bike and riding gear? Any other tips for a first timmer?

I've been riding Sam Houston Nat'l Forest every weekend to try to get lots of practice.

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For a first timer, go with the basics. Treat the enduro as a learning experience and have fun. Talk to the guys on your line and in the parking area. They should all give you great advice and help you out.

You will need a watch (+ a backup isn't a bad idea).
You need an odometer.
You will need a route sheet holder.

Also bring tape, duct tape (for scorecard), scissors, pens. You will also need to know if they will be using a gas truck and if you need to bring a gas tank to be put on the truck.

I have some articles I will email you if you pm me your email address.
Talk to Girard(gasgasman) and Robby(Boomhauer), they are a great couple of guys and I'm sure will help you out in any way they can, and give you specific info for the area, race, etc. If the race is all known controls you will not need any timekeeping equip. The general advice I can give is be in decent shape, start the race well hydrated and carry a drink system, and focus on being consistant and finishing the first race. Remember its a long ride, so you need to figure out a pace you can ride and be able to maintain without burning out or crashing.
Sled and a few of rode a couple weeks ago.
Did some fine tuning on his bike and gave him the "obligatory GAS GAS koozie"

The enduro has beed rescheduled for August 8th.
Was is rescheduled for a cooler day? :D That'll give me a little more time to get ready and get some more practice.

As far as odometers go; would the Trail Tech Endurance be good? It looks like a pretty decent unit with a lot of features for the money.
I use the Vector because it has the remote switch which makes resets much easier. None of the Trail Tech units are great for enduros, but will suffice for the occasional enduro. They are better suited for turkey runs.
If you do get a computer make sure you get with someone beforehand and have them explain timekeeping until it sinks in or your computer will be useless to you.

I did one enduro last summer. I thought I had the time thing figured out, but the minute the race started my timekeeping went out the window. I had a Trailtech Endurance and it was basically useless because I didn't understand resets etc. I really didn't have a clue but still managed to finish without being DQed by coming in too early or late anywhere. I subsequently knocked the thing off in a crash somewhere and have not replaced it.

The "actual" enduro computers like ICO, Watchdog, Pacemaker can be programmed to do some of the figgerin' for you. I still don't "get" timekeeping...:eek: :rolleyes:
Older ICO ProComp is great and can be found cheap. Mine is 13 years old! Wore out a few thumb switches and replaced a smashed lens but its still ticking! I like it as its smaller than the Checkpoint, more flexible to mount, and switching display modes is no big deal to me. Learn all the rules and how to keep time manually, as a computer WILL screw up eventually from a number of causes. For your first race, just focus on the riding, and try to key off a faster guy on your minute, and learn from him in general. You can practice timekeeping in the easy sections if the race is not too tough.

A "family" or easy to moderate enduro is a good first choice, better than being beat into submission before the first gas. If you come back to NH NETRA has a lot of that waiting for you!