GASGAS Wins Netra's Rocktoberfast Enduro

Ed Ventura

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Jim Senecal came out for a rare aperence at a Netra enduro and smoked them. He droped a 16 with a burn. Next was Brooks with a 20

Great ride for Jim and GG.

On a side note, as a club member I spent all day friday arrowing and yesterday sweeping. I have been haveing some major suspension issuies with my crf. I dug out my 06 GG 200 for the weekend. Stock suspended stock sprung. This is my second GG. I go away then come back. After this weekend I can tell you that I am coming back again.

This run is by far NETRA's rockiest event. Relentlees for 80 Miles. I had a smile ear to ear. I am in the market for another Gasser soon. This time a 250 or 300. 07 or Newer. I would like to stay with the zokes, Unless someone can make the sachs feel the same. It was perfect.

Glad to hear you are coming back Ed. You still going to run that yellow GasGas headlight? LOL
Great ride by Jim ! Where's Red ? I figured he'd have three BOLD threads going here by now. LOL !
Ed, the clearest memory I have of you during a race was when I pulled up next to you and your Honda sitting, dead, on the side of the trail. ;)
Hey, I'll take a pass any way I can get 'em. LOL. I did offer assistance, didn't I ? I hope I did ? LOL
Jim is riding really hot right now and in the groove. I believe he's won the last 2 H/S races as well and looks like he may take the NETRA H/S championship this year the way he is going. Hopefully he remains with GG next year and doesn't get snatched up by another brand like has happened so many times before.

Yes, Red is really slacking this time:D
Haha!!!!! Way to go Jim! Looks like I need to call "Mr. Hollywood" and drag his nose thru the dirt!:D :D :D

Billy are you reading this? Send our love to Brooksie!
alright i guess i will reply, yes jim has been tearing it up this year... i have been very silent lately not wanting to open mouth insert foot... 4 more races is still a long ways to go. we here at dirt world cycles thank jim for the good results. off to hard knox cant wait.. GAS GAS HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HA HA BROOKS, JIM SPANKED YOU!!!!! AND LOOSE HIS NUMBER CAUSE I SAID SO. LOL
JIM IS RIDING GREAT AND DESERVES THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Godd luck Jim, finish strong, and the series title is yours! Yes Robbie I read your post.

Love Billy
Jim Has Struck Again With A Win Today. Congratulations Jim, You Have The Points Lead Now And It Is Your Title To Win Or Lose. I'm Rooting For You!
Good Luck,
yes!! another great ride jammin. nothing like having a row full of katooms "hunting" you down. lap one mile marker 6.5 out of a 7 mile loop. jim was running 6 or 7 they came into the rock garden and jim comes out 2nd!!! "here is your sign boys" great ride to jason klammer also, he kept jim honest almost every lap. i asked jim how the heck did you pull that off (7th to 2nd in a quarter mile )and he replied "they are all on the wrong bike's.:D " ps hats off to gossy moto for a last turn pass on brian lawson that was insane dude!