Getting trials bike clutch feel on an enduro bike?


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Hi guys,
I'm wondering if anyone has managed to get the feel of a trials bike clutch in their enduro bike? I have a 1999 TXT270 and a 2009 EC250 Racing. Maybe it's due to riding trials all winter, but it feels like clutch pull on my enduro bike is really stiff and the engagement feels a little weird. I put a shorty lever on (same lever I've used on my 2007 EC250 and the 09 EC250 I rode in Greece) and have been fiddling with the adjustments and I'm still not happy with the clutch. No matter how I adjust it, it feels like the lever never is far enough out (I have big hands) and to get the engagement point out far, there is zero free play in the lever. That scares me. Any suggestions?

For reference, my girlfriend has a 2010 KTM250XCW with an ASV V1 lever on the clutch and it feels great. My 2007 had a great clutch, but so far the 09 is just okay.


my clutch has never been as smooth as i want when i let it's never been a hard pull though.

i doubt it'd ever feel like my montesa 314 - i'm guessing they have softer springs, or something - the clutch pull is so light it's almost non resistant, and engages so perfectly.
My fse 450 has that, thanks to the Adler APTC slipper clutch. When i first grabbed the handles on this bike standin at the dealer my first thought was "this clutch is broken". The slipper clutch has only three springs which makes the pull soo sweet. Unfortunately, they are very expensive, you'll be handing out like $1000 or more. Try to get a ride on a 2005 fse 450, they were the only ones with the APTC mounted stock
light clutch pull

I haven't tried it on a bike with a hydraulic clutch yet but it should work the same. If you replace the springs on the clutch basket with lighter weight springs you'll get that trials bike clutch feel. The only problem is you take a chance of your clutch slipping under hard acceleration. I replaced 3 of my 6 clutch springs on a 07 YZ250 with springs from an 06 YZ250F. These springs were about the same weight but shorter. This gave my bike a very noticeably lighter pull and hasn't slipped yet. I mostly just woods ride, but have done a few enduro's and a couple of hare scrambles. I have often thought about replacing the other 3 but hate to push my luck. Ha! Ross