How About "Midwest USA" for a Riding Region


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Any chance we can get a dedicated region for the Midwest riders. I'm assuming that would include Michigan, part of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota at least ...

Thanks for the consideration.

Sorry - haven't had time to look at the existing forums to see how it should be sliced and diced. Busy with my "real job".

If you can take a look and tell me how the other u.s. region forums should be changed to accommodate this new one and exactly how the new one should be titled and a description - then I will make the change.

How about this layout?

I had a look at the map and tried to figure out the logical grouping of states for the Midwest region. I think you could say the Midwest is bounded by the Canadian border up top, the Mississippi on the west, the Ohio on the south and the Allegheny on the east, so ...

The states would include Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

The other regions could remain essentially the same. I think the Nor'Easterners will recognize this as a logical break.

Thanks for having a look at this.

The Great Midwest

If you're from the Midwest you know it, and unfortunately we don't really fit in any of the other regions (beyond the obvious geographic boundaries spelled out).

So how about it? :)
kinda strange, but wv doesn't fit in southeast, northeast, or midwest.

Gee, you guy's made me learn something today.
Geographically, WV is in the south.
There are four main regions in the United States. West, Mid-West, North East and South. Then you have the sub-regions, Too many to list and I think they have a few new ones since I was in school, so for what it's worth look here:
There were quite a few web sites on this subject and they all differ a little bit as I think there were over twenty sub-regions all together. I guess you can cut it up anyway you like.

Me, I'm from the Mid-West living right in the center of the US so I don't care :D
that's the problem with wv, geographically, parts are in the east (eastern panhandle is kinda near dc..) the south (all of southern wv), the north (i'm 1 hour south of pittsburgh and actually north of dc and baltimore. - and part of the state -the northernmost tip - is actually north of pittsburgh))
kinda strange, but wv doesn't fit in southeast, northeast, or midwest.

KY is the same way. A lot of folks lump us with midwest, but down where I live in SE KY we feel much more like southern boys and girls than midwest. I guess the fact that both Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born here doesn't help.
What to do in the last days of winter

Gentlemen: Has this died or is it's delivery in the crate with the first e-start 300?

For all of you "mid-west" riders, be sure to join us at the Battle Creek (MI) Motorcycle Club grounds May 22 for a 2010 Gasser demo (hat tip to GoFasters for supplying the extra bikes). Camp overnight and ride round #2 of the D14 hare scrambles series at the site of a 2009 national.

Check my webpage for details as the date approaches.
While Michigan and Ohio has been lumped into the "NorthEast" group, I don't see it as too much of an issue. Yes, we could chop up the regions more, but the NorthEast forum only has about 33 threads in it. If there was an over-whelming number such as 200 threads, then it would indicate too many states were being lumped together.

Don't get me wrong... I support a Midwest region to feel closer to home. IMHO it may end up with only a few threads being in it. Just something to consider since the region forums don't see too much activity.
Matt, that's almost the point. Whenever did you feel like Temperance, MI was part of the Northeast? Did you ever look for trail riding buddies in that region?

If you were going to post a ride day like we're holding at Battle Creek on the 22nd of May, and you wanted guys from Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio to come, where should they look for that information? In the Midwest region of course!:cool:

I don't think the issue is the fact that there are too many regions ... just that they don't have the natural grouping to make them functional. And more than anything, it may highlight the fact that there isn't much participation or ridership in a particular area. Somebody get out there and bang the drum. Just thoughts ...
Feeling better every day. :)

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