Ice Riding


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So it's been a pretty mild winter here, but winter none-the-less.

My riding buddy (2006 XR650R - totally uncorked) decided that some sheet metal screws into our last years throw away tires, and hitting the frozen ponds was something to try, to get us through the winter. So we did!

We just used our last year's old tires - Bridgestone M303 and 304, and Dunlop GeoMax MX 51s for me. Nothing special for the screws, just some 5/8" length sheet metal screws. No other special set-up, other than me removing the plastic shroud behind the shock on the Gasser, due to clearance issues with the studs. We studded every nobby (2 on the centre nobby) and did not bother to line the tire with an old tube, as some recommend to eliminate the screw tip from puncturing the tube. No flats, and we rode through fields to hit the ponds - a pretty rough ride on the suspension due to the cold temp effect on the suspension fluids.

Wow! On the first pond we cleared the snow from the ice with the ATV (with plow) first. Rolling onto the cleaned, smooth ice was surreal. Everything in your brain says, "Don't move the front end cause it's gonna drop you fast".

But no ... there was grip ... the bike turned, and wow, real forward grip! Weight the outside peg in turns, get comfortable with the level of grip, and man this is fun!

Long story short ... we set up a course and then moved onto bigger ponds for faster racing ... ultimately we laid out a course where we reached 120 kph on the fastest straight. We were cooking, but I got schooled by that XR650R - big 4t power on a slick, totally smooth surface is hard to compete with - that's my excuse!

Cool, I've found a new way to get through the winter. Nice! If you're in a place where you can do this, you oughta try it. It's a hoot!

I'll post up some video once I get my video editing software sorted out.

I hope it doesn't get cold enough here this year to freeze the ponds but I'm glad you guys can still have fun on your bikes with the freezing temps. I was riding here today with 60* temps!