Piston orientation


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Which way around are the pistons in the marzocchi shiver 45s that come on the 07 bikes supposed to be?
I was following various tutorials and using the pictures as a reference.

Namely this one for the base valve http://www.scottysdirtbikespares.com/workshop-help/gas-gas-fork-service.html

And the shiver manual for the mid valve http://slorider.com/Aprilia/manuals/Marzocchi_Shiver45.pdf
Diagrams are on page 60 and 64.

Is this correct?

When I pulled the forks down the base valve was the other way around, I cant remember the mid valve :confused:
The picture of the base valve from Scotty's is correct, although it looks like a slightly different piston than mine. In all cases, the four smaller ports face down with compression stack underneath against the valve body.

For the rebound/midvalve, you will notice one side is smaller in dia. than the other. This smaller side is the midvalve side and faces UP on the tap towards the damper rod/top of the fork. The rebound stack is captured under the tap nut against the other side. Its smaller because its neccessary for all the oil in the cartridge except what is pushed through the base valve to flow through the piston, deflect/lift the midvalve stack, and flow AROUND and BETWEEN the edges of the stack/piston and the cartridge wall.

If any of this was previously installed wrong I cant see how the fork would work.
Thats what I figured when it was all apart on the bench, but when I pulled the other fork apart it was the other way around.
The fork still seemed to work relatively well compared to stock :eek:

Thanks for your help Glenn
f me. Are you sure it came apart that way? Was that you or me who assembled them - must have been you! My attention must also have been diverted at that time:eek:
I cant remember Barry, seems weird though, it still worked better than stock.... maybe thats the secret difference between our 2 setups..:D
mmmmm... I guess tomorrow will tell.. It will suck somewhat if it feels worse from now on!