Radiator guards


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I have a '011 250 Six Days and would like to replace the plastic radiator guards with aluminum ones.
I would like to keep the OEM radiator frames.

What guards would work? The Scorpion ones look like they would.

I have the Scorpion frames and grills ready for the '12, I'm sure the grills could be adapted to the AXP frames with some angle aluminum.
Thanks Glenn.
I ordered the Scorpion guards. Looks like they would fit without any major mods.
I've had bad luck using the regular frames. My 2011 six days radiators had to go to mylers within six months. small tipover on a log and.........MUNCH. :D

I'm running solid billet ones now. They are extemely beefy. The buy who makes them was also looking into a redesign that could help with some rear protection. The trouble is the shrouds already bulge out as is.


The Scorpion grills are 99.99% bolt on to the OEM braces on the 6 Day bikes.
The 0.001% is for the longer bolts I had to use on the inboard mounts.

They don't appear to be as strong as the billet ones thumperrider1 posted above.
But, when on a budget, the Scorpion grills will work fine.
Thats great it worked out Girard. The grills are just that, grills. Pretty good frontal protection. The Sledgehammers are like the Bulletproof designs guards, just a real thick grill to provide side impact protection as well. They seem like the BPD guards, short, like a "cap" for the front of the rad, leaving some of the rear exposed. If you drop the bike on a sharp rock that pushes the shroud in behind the guard, it will do no good.

If you guys think the AXP frames are weak, you could make new outer plates out of heavier gauge aluminum, and or add GP style braces.
I use the Force Rad guards. The have a grill at the front and wrap around the outsides. Mount on the inside against the frame. The radiator kind of floats within the guard. Its all tied up with a cross brace that runs behind from the left to the right and braces on the frame just above the head. The only damage I have on mine are at the front grills where its been popped by rocks. Only cosmetic damage.
Yeah the stock frames on the six days unfortunately do no good if you drop the bike on a log or rock. I totally munched the radiator on my 11 six days by tipping over on a log. Have not tested these new Sledgehammer's yet thankfully. They did want to design it to go around the rear but they were concerned it would push the already protruding shrouds out even further.