Sag setting question

it's a good thread - try not to get hung up on sag numbers (or the shock preload mm for that matter) - the bikes still turn ok in the 130mm range, but i split the difference and ended up at 110mm sag. as long as you don't have the preload cranked, and your sag is not obnoxious (under 95 or over 130ish) you'll be fine.... my frame and shock is probably different, so i can't really comment on the 2011. i'm betting manual specs 100-110...
Yep! My 2010 Race uses the same frame as the 2011, Ohlins rear, Sachs 48mm front. I'm running mine around 110mm. No complaints.

I had rode it without setting the sag when it was around 130mm and it still rode alright then too. Aim for 110mm and if you have to go too heavy on the preload consider a different spring :D Or just ride it!