Idaho City ISDE qualifier


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Just back from the qualifier. I'll post up some pictures. Not a great showing for me. I ran out of gas and watched my hopes disappear as literally hundreds of riders cruised on by. I waited 5 hours before the sweep crew showed up to rescue me with some mixed petrol. The sweep crew were very busy, and very very tired. Many riders ran out of fuel, many just gave up from exhaustion, and many were stuck. More people failed to finish than reached the finish on time for this one. It was pretty ugly, but that's the way I like it, and the way it should be. I learned a few things. Number one, I have great freinds, and the best dad ever.
Man that does suck... I went for a rip on S/T stuff this weekend and went on reserve at 65 km. Bigger tank would be nice.

Have you thought of carrying extra?
I'm guessing he thought about it for about 5 hours the other day?????
Cheers Mark:)

Sorry to hear that......running out of gas has to really suck:(

Not to throw salt in the wound, but looks like D-36 made a strong showing!
No more qualifiers. My plan is to go do some local stuff. I also have some tours to guide with my freind and I and our new tour company "Chuckwagon Tours." I'm going to go ahead and begin the new plan for next year. I'm trying not to get too down on myself, because it is 100% my fault I ran out of gas......

Oh, and the best way to keep the signals and lights in tact is not to hit things! Besides, it's a great psyche out when a guy on a "dual sport bike" passes you in a race.
I thought I'd clarify why I ran out of gas. I used the new eco gas cans at the out gas. Unfortunately I never even tried them before hand and didn't even think about it. When I got to the gas available, I turned the can upside down, pressed the lever and..... Not much happened. I let it dribble for the two minutes I had to spare, then 30 seconds into my grace. I figured I could make it so I rolled out on time with no penalty. I should have just pulled the lid off and dumped it. It matters not though. I re-learned an old old old very well known fact. NEVER TRY SOMETHING NEW ON RACE DAY!

That really sucks Mike......were they checking for DOT legal gas can? From what I've read, the course was pretty sick?

Live and learn....
No special requirements. I told my dad that there were three out gasses and I mused how I was going to get four gas cans, so he went and got these. He was helping me, and a gas can just seems so benign. If I'd have been thinking, I could have pulled the lid off and just dumped it in.

As a freind of mine recently reminded me though; everything happens for a reason. You just never know what may have happened if I had filled the tank. An injury? Complete physical failure like many other competitors? Who knows? I'll just try to stop figuring it out and go ride. I hope to go back next year and at least finish the race.