??ISDE Qualifier in Tennessee-March 17-18


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Anyone every been to one. I am thinking about going and trying to line up a few buddies for some March fun. Probably still be snow on the ground up here in NH.

I ride enduros and I'm just looking for some info about the event. Impound, and general knowledge of the format. From what I understand its 2 days of riding with timed trials, but is it a computer type of event or is it basically ride to the check ins and wait for your minute. How bout bike setup for the Tennessee. Rocks? Whoops? Roots? Just looking for some info. Thanks for the help!
I don't know the format for the ISDE event but I have ridden several times at WestPoint where it's being held. It is the best single track riding of any place I ride in Tennessee. Hill climbs are short and not overly steep. Traction is quite good and there is very little mud. Yes there is lots of roots and some trails are deeply rutted but for the ISDE event they will cut more new trail. Creek crossings are shallow and have solid bottoms.

Hope this helps - Ken Wyatt

Thanks for the information, sound like my square edge rock suspension for New England will work fine. I was worried it might be a bit soft for the terrain but it sound like fun trails. Are you going to the event this year?