v force reed block


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v force reed block when looking through reed block when removed from bike I can see daylight, surely I should not be able to see anything or am I wrong, could this be causing my hanging tickover as ive been looking at the jetting thinking I had a problem there. many thanks.
Looks like the v-force is not that tight.
I changed the reeds on mine because I could se light as well and the result is that you can still see light.....
I talked to my gasgas dealer and he told
Me that the v-force is not as the boeysen where it is not possible to look through.
V force reed block

Was informed today that if you can see daylight when looking through inlet side of reed block then air can retirn into carb and alter jetting, may also give you uneven tickover. So no daylight to be seen,Any other opinions has anybody checked theirs.
If you can see daylight, somethin' ain't right.

Reed valves should fully seat to prevent bleed back to the carb.
Do you mean you can see daylight between the petals and the cage, or that the petals appear to have lots of little pin pricks in them?

The petals should seat firmly along the edges of the cage. If they are chipped, freyed, or warped away they'll need replacing.
That's the reason why I changed back to the boyesen. No daylight here.

My 06 EC200 has what I understand to be boyesen reeds: yellow colour / 3 screw holes / 2 part reed with 2 holes for the mixture to pass through.

Can anyone confirm that the smaller part of the reed should seal completely to the 'base' larger part of the reed ?

I'm trying to trace the cause of it feeling too rich off tickover regardless of airscrew setting. I'm fairly sure fatigued reeds are the cause because the reed on the upper side of the block seals completely, but the lower reed stays 1mm + open.
Where is the best place to buy replacement reeds in US?

So we were still dealing with my friends ec250 hard starting and he took off cylinder to discover that it was 300 jug!!

In any case, one of the reed petals does not seal naturally. There is almost 1mm gap..that's not normal, right?
The jugs are interchangeable between the 250 and 300, just means your friends 250 is a little bigger than he thought!:D

can anyone identify this piston? since things are apart, was thinking to refresh the rings.. but i have no idea what this piston is.


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