200 riders


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Hi, Any suggestion on making the 200 better. I' ve got a 06' de200 and ride up here in Maine. Fly weights, p/v cover, larger tank, what have others done to their 200's?
Also, any gasgas riders in Maine or fairly close. Since the dealer in NH closed his doors and is gone not to be heard from. Looking for others gasgas owners.
I didn't know you could make the 200 better. :cool: How do you improve perfect?

If you can get your hands on one, the Doma pipe will scare you.:eek:
I have to agree with the others, the 200 is soild performer! Get a LTR jet kit. As for the pipe, I I can only comment on the Messico! My 99 EC 200 flat gets with the program
pretty good comtingent of gg riders over on NEDB.
I was about a 1/2 hr from advantage. Now I'll be dealing w/go fasters for parts. If oyur lookinf for smooth power and no hit try a cck needle
Hey, Thanks for the input. It looks like a jetting kit, a power valve cover, and possible a new pipe. Are Domas that good and make that big of difference over the gnarly I have on it now? So, no fly wheel weights or other mods? Does the turbine core 2 work with the Domas? I'll check out NEDB and see if there are any gas gas riders in Maine.
The gnarly signs off too early I found. The Messico or Doma pipes will lose a little low end, but the gains in the midrange and top end are well worth it.
The only drawbacks to the Doma and Messico are that they lose low end grunt and are paper thin and will dent if you throw a marshmallow at them. We made the Turbine Core 2 work with a little light persuasion on the Doma, it fits right in the Messico. They both work with the Stock Gas Gas silencer too.

(We have a stock GG silencer on a 300 that we sliced into a shorty for use on closed courses. Teamed up with the Doma it's amazing. The shorty makes a HUGE difference - it will NOT pass ANY kind of a sound check however.:eek: )